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My birthday gift for jaesus. :] This was her drabble request but since I'm posting it on her birthday, it's a legitimate birthday present, okay.

Non-AU. 575 words.

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

She watches him enter the set, raising her arm in a casual wave. The smile he gives her in return makes the butterflies start fluttering in her stomach and she composes herself as much as she can. Teases Jessica when the blonde makes her way to the seat behind her.

Then filming starts. She acts normal, keeps her cool as always. The sarcasm flows out smoothly when she takes digs at people. But when they ask her to dance along with his group, she falters slightly. Tries to quell her disappointment when she ends up in between Jonghyun and Minho instead of him but the show goes on.

Her façade remains solid and impenetrable even when she’s asked about why she picked him as her ideal guy. Lets her eyes wander everywhere except at him because she doesn’t want to trip on her words and embarrass herself in front of everyone. Getting red-cheeked in front of national television isn’t something she wants to live with.

All too soon, filming ends. They pour into their respective dressing rooms after that to change and get ready for their next schedule. Somehow their groups end up standing near each other as they wait for their vans. She opts to talk to Jonghyun and Jessica in order to keep herself from standing at a corner and staring at him. Yoona’s teasing is something she won’t be able to live down for weeks.

Their van arrives a while later and the girls pile into it. She stares at him through the tinted window, free to do so without anyone noticing. Sees him staring in her direction but knows that he can’t be staring at her; it’s not possible. Sighs quietly to herself and looks away as they’re driven off to their next destination.

“Hyung?” it snaps him out of his trance and he stares around a little wide-eyed before he finds himself peering into Kibum’s concerned face, “Are you okay? You’re quiet.”

“Oh,” he blinks and then nods his head. Kibum stares at him for a while, eyes narrowed, then sighs and pats his shoulder.

“Okay,” it’s clear that Kibum doesn’t believe him but it gets the younger boy off his case for a while.

He remained quiet when she showed up with her group mates, pretending to be in deep conversation with Minho, while he kept his gaze on her as surreptitiously as possible. Finds himself smiling when she does and turns away from Minho when the younger boy stares at him for chuckling when she does.

He does nothing except to watch when the girls climb into the van, eyes trained on her and only her. Regretting not being able to say anything throughout the time they were near each other. But his skin prickles and his eyes dart to the window, able to see nothing yet he knows. She’s there somewhere. His arm moves up, an imitation of the wave she had given him earlier, but the engine purrs and the van moves away. He clenches his hand into a fist, frowning slightly to himself and doesn’t notice the vehicle that pulls up next until Kibum grabs his wrist.

“Hyung, let’s go,” the other’s voice is impatient and he forces himself to go back to his normal self. Somehow plasters a smile on his face as a thought occurs to him.

“I’m coming! It hurts, Kibum-ah!”

Maybe next time.

Tags: fanfiction, meme, pairing: onew/sooyoung

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