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Erm. Yeah. So this happened...

Blurred Lines
Non-AU. 622 words.

But you're a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead get at me

“Have you seen anything so beautiful?”

When he turned his head to look, and saw her naked form slowly descending into the foam-filled tub, he almost asked for confirmation. Fortunately, she was too engrossed in the bubbles to notice.

Unfortunately, he had.

“I made a good call on those bath bombs and liquid gel, huh?” Jiyong smirked at him, a knowing glint in his eye as he removed his undershirt, lazily throwing it in the direction of the laundry basket.

Seunghyun tore his gaze away, working on the buttons of his shirt instead, embarrassed that he had been caught pining. Even though there was nothing to be embarrassed about. They were three full-grown adults taking a bath together.

If someone had told him about this a year or two ago, he would have laughed and commended them for telling a good joke. Now, as he faced reality via a reflection in the mirror, it didn’t seem so funny. He only regretted not getting into the tub first.

“Ack, Jingyo, don’t get soapy water on my hair…!” hopefully, they would be too busy with each other to notice his awkward five-second journey into the tub.

Once he was in, he took a few moments to survey his companions. Both were as bare-bodied as he was, but without any modicum of shame. It was both fascinating and something to envy them about.

“Hyung, if you wanted to stare, take a picture. But let me know when so I can give you my best pose,” one was his group leader.

“… oppa, don’t be silly. No one takes pictures, remember?” the other was his labelmate. Whose eyes popped open soon after, and gazed at him with concern.

“Are you feeling okay, Seunghyun oppa?” yet, for some reason, despite their physical get-togethers, he found himself getting increasingly flustered around her. It was not good. And Jiyong, considering the way he was staring at him, seemed to know more than he let on.

“I’m fine, Chae. The water’s a little warmer than I expected,” he lied as convincingly as he could. Possibly, maybe. Jiyong’s stare searched for another target so it worked somehow.

But she didn’t seem satisfied with the lie, leaning to the side as she stretched an arm towards a tap. And would have made it too if Jiyong hadn’t splashed water at her, provoking a shriek that echoed around the bathroom.

“… my hair…! Oppa, you got soap in my mouth..!” Seunghyun felt bad for chuckling yet figured he was less offensive than the younger male, who was outright laughing. Chaerin spluttered then stuck her tongue out, which was the ridiculously cutest visual he had ever seen.

Even in his awestruck daze, he managed to grab the nearby face towel and thrust it in her direction, stupidly watching as she wiped her tongue with it and threw the towel at Jiyong, pouting. The blond hardly looked apologetic and Seunghyun had no clue why he neared her enough to plant a tender kiss to her puckered lips.

Within their illicit circle, tender was never the right course of action. Nothing they did inside the circle with each other was tender. Everything was anything but.

If she was surprised, she didn’t show it, gratitude flashing across her features. If Jiyong was displeased, he didn’t show it. Didn’t push him aside.

Seunghyun barely heard the “I want one too” before Jiyong planted one on her as well. Except it was much different. She didn’t push him away but Seunghyun heard the gasp. He heard the tiny moan she released into Jiyong’s mouth.

Then she shifted her position and he felt a hand on his thigh, hers, and he knew. Silently, he reached for the plug and pulled.

Tags: fanfiction, pairing: g-dragon/cl/top

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