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For my own amusement, inspired by this. It's not my greatest but... oh well. If you're interested in a companion piece (and you are or shall be), my lovely wife has written one here.

A Moment of Silence
Non-AU. 532 words.

Silences and Park Bom mix as well as oil and water do. It’s not that she loathes or despises the moment where sound ceases to be and the ringing in her ears that follow. Silence isn’t all that bad, especially when she’s trying to sleep and, for that, she’s fortunate to have Minji as a roommate instead of Dara.

But she digresses.

Her particular dislike of silence is the sole reason the van is never quiet when she’s in it. Whether she’s giggling with Dara over the latest guy to ask the latter out or playfully bantering with Chaerin over technicalities, she’s the first person to speak up. She enjoys being the one to break the unnatural tension in a room, be it unintentional or otherwise.

So when she finds herself attracted to the notoriously tall, dark, and silent Choi Seunghyun, she’s more than baffled at how that came to be. They’re not strangers – she’s known him for almost a decade now – but they’re not exactly friends either. And he’s not that restrained – she’s heard him go on and on about his favorite black and white films – but he’s not that talkative either.

Getting him to respond is a task as well. She remembers unsatisfying rant sessions with him because he merely sat and watched her gesture and express herself excitedly (with a suspicious gleam in his eyes).

Because of her inability to stir the intense emotions of her tall, dark, and silent Choi Seunghyun, Park Bom begins to hate silences. Not all silences, mind you, but the specifically awkward ones that transpire between her and the reserved object of her affections.

Okay, maybe she doesn’t hate silences. The fact that she’s the one who induces his silences drives her crazy. It begins as a nagging feeling, then her self-esteem plummets when she sees the many ways his bandmates doesn’t provoke his silences, and she makes the quietness her enemy. The only way Park Bom can, anyway.

The night he’s supposed to sleep over, she prepares herself beforehand. A glass or three of wine to calm her nerves before she attempts to tackle the mystifying muteness of Choi Seunghyun. She wants to save the last of her pride and, fortunately for her, the day’s events provide ample ammunition.

When he arrives, the apartment is filled with their chatter about idle matters – his upcoming tour, her upcoming tour, birthdays, and other social engagements. The alcohol in her system pumps her adrenaline and she’s almost bursting with excitement when she finally gets to talking about her day. Recalling the twelve-hour memories brings an easy grin to her face, one that he reciprocates with a smile of his own. But the grin fades when she realizes that he has yet to actually say anything.

That’s when her mood crashes, the real after effects of alcohol kicking in, and she has half a mind to burst into tears. The sheer thought of crying in front of him for such a reason, however, fills her with rage and before she can register her movement, she’s grabbed the nearest cushion and smacked him in the face with it.

She finds out that he’s not so unaffected after all.

Tags: fanfiction, pairing: top/bom

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