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A real one this time. TOP needs to stop being so handsome, basically.

Non-AU. 224 words.

There was nothing more disconcerting than her trying to remain calm. In fact, it would have been amusing if she wasn’t currently straddling his lap and running kohl over his lash line.

One false move and he was going to be in agony for the rest of the night. Plus, he kind of enjoyed how comfortably silent the atmosphere was. Minus her attempt at downplaying her heavy breathing.

Truly, his girlfriend was a strange one. Then again, Park Bom was never quite normal.

“There,” she announced softly, leaning back to observe her handiwork.

Seunghyun blinked owlishly, fighting the urge to rub the itch below his eyebrow. One smudge and he would dearly regret his action – he had to tread carefully. He allowed his eye to twitch instead as he tried to figure out what his girlfriend’s agenda was.

But really, how could he have been so oblivious? With the way she suddenly dipped her head and pressed warm lips to his neck, there was only one reason for her to react in such a way.

“So. I take it that you liked what you saw?” His answer came in the form of slim hips grinding against his own and a trail of kisses to his collarbone. The hands that had previously worked on his eyes now raked fingernails down his front, over his shirt.

Tags: fanfiction, pairing: top/bom

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