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Just something at random I thought of. People in the fic can be anyone you want as long as the girl is a bit dark-skinned and has long legs and the guy is older than her. >.>

For oemona. :D

315 words

She’s not like the other girls and he knows.

She stands there, quiet. Her hips aren’t sticking out in an attempt to be sexy. Her legs are standing straight and tall. From afar, she looks like the typical demure Korean girl.

And despite that, her features stand out greatly. Her skin is a shade or two darker than the rest, leaning towards the yellow rather than the pink side. She doesn’t look conventional and yet he keeps staring. He’s captivated.

He knows she doesn’t find herself pretty. She’s mentioned it a few times on camera and off. He’s seen the way she admits it with a sorrowful expression but it’s a front. He’s sure of it. How can a girl with long legs and full pink lips and a coy wink not know her true capabilities?

“Oppa,” she’s turned to him and if she’s noticed that he’s seen her staring, she makes no mention of it. Saunters over with a smile on those pretty lips, eyes bright and shining. It’s mischief, he realizes and then he knows what she really is like.

“Hey. Ready to go?” he asks, keeping his face straight. She can’t know or he’ll never hear the end of it. She nods in reply, bites her lip and presses herself against his side briefly. It’s slight and makes him holds his breath and swallow in a dry throat because if he doesn’t, he’ll write it off as a figment of his imagination.

Then, with the faintest hint of a smirk on her face, she walks away. She’s the kind of a girl that wants men to jump through hoops for her. Wants them to ask ‘How high?’ when she says ‘Jump’.

It’s sneaky and potentially dangerous but he can’t bring himself to care right now. Because right now, he has her all to himself and he’s not in the mood to share.
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