♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜


... OIC.

I'll spare everyone else the trouble, okay? Cutting everyone that I think I can't trust.

There, you're now rid of me.
♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜

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Consider this your get out of jail free card.

If for some reason my change in interest/fandom bothers you or if my shift in friendship loyalty makes you sick, this is your chance to defriend me. I'll defriend you just as quietly as you defriend me.

Call me a hypocrite but I've learnt my lesson(s) and I now see how disgusting actively bashing someone over roleplay is. Or the inability to let bygones be bygones. Doesn't that grudge feel so heavy?
♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜


I miss you.

Our fight in the first place was fucking stupid. Fuck, what did we even fight about anyway? I can't even fucking remember but all I know that other people were affected too and fuck, that was not cool.

I'm pissed at myself. Pissed at you too. Because it was both our fucking fauls that it happened.

I miss our late night convos about nothing. About everything. You exasperated me a whole lot a lot of fucking times but I usually just waved it away because we were friends.

Two fucking years, you know? Who throws that away? Us. The fucking morons that we are.

I don't think we'll be back to what we were. Too much lost, too little gained. Prides and egos were hurt in the process. I know I'll never be able to fucking look at you the same way ever again. Too busy thinking about ways I can avoid punching your fucking face because sometimes you make me uncontrollably angry.

We were both stubborn but you were always the more stubborn one. Fucking hell. It made talking to you a fucking chore sometimes. I would never try to make people see it my way unless it's for their own good or some fuck like that. But whenever I tried to convince you that the other way was better, you would firmly stand your ground. So fucking firmly that I felt like pushing you off balance. Maybe break your goddamn bones while I'm at it.

Where did this irrational anger come from? Fuck if I know. But seeing you online earlier brought forth all this rage that I had kept pent up.
♀ ❛ never was a good girl ❜


Idk, bbs. I got bored.

I'd like everyone who comes across this journal to leave me an anonymous comment saying absolutely anything you want. Be as random, nice, or as nasty as you like.

Also, please refrain from using stuff that would make you recognisable. E.g. small font, emoticons, etc. Ty.

Go, go, go. ♥